Retain Retail Documents and Records in Full Compliance

Of the many documents and records a retail store produces, there are many that need to be kept. While most retail store locations have an on-site storage room, it is typical for that room to become too full in no time at all leaving the retail store owner to look for another solution. Master Vault offers just such a solution with off-site storage that keeps all retail documents and records both safe and in full compliance.

Many of the documents contain information from either your customers or your employees. Because this information is likely considered sensitive, it needs to be stored in a manner that guarantees nothing will happen to it. In fact, not doing so could be a direct violation of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, or FACTA. FACTA was enacted in 2003 specifically to battle the growing problem of identity theft and consumer fraud and failure to comply with FACTA can result in heavy fines being imposed on a retail store.

How Master Vault Can Help

Master Vault knows all forms of retail compliance law including FACTA. Storing your files with us means you don’t have to be concerned with compliance as we take care of that for you. Along with staying compliant, your retail store will enjoy:

  • An increase in workable space.
  • An increase in time usually lost to the maintenance of the documents and files.
  • Full control over your retail documents and records.
  • Implementation of cutting edge techniques including document imaging, active file management, and digital archiving when needed.

Master Vault can serve as your off-line manager for all your retail documents and records. We track all documents and records we store and allow you access to them whenever you need them. No matter what your preferred method of organization for your retail documents and record is, we can help you.

Keep Retail Files and Records Safe from Prying Eyes and Adverse Conditions

Master Vault uses a climate controlled environment in which to store all retail documents and records. This means your retail documents and records are kept safe from every possible threat including adverse conditions. This helps eliminate the loss of any documents or records due to too much heat or cold and leaves you with peace of mind.

Retail Document and Record Storage with No Worries

Dealing with the many retail documents and records that build up over time with your retail store can prove to be a headache. However, you can rely on the expertise and knowledge of Master Vault and leave any worry behind. With Master Vault, you can leave the retail document and record storage needs to us and get back to focusing on your retail store and your bottom line.