Because you require security, safety and affordability for your business.

The cost of storing and managing essential documents continues to rise, yet you must find a way to meet your need to maintain a plan for information management. Your business depends on it! Master Vault provides an alternative to the high costs and liability involved in renting storage facilities or keeping documents on-site.

Let us help you cut costs for record storage and management while providing you with the peace of mind our highly-secured services offer. Whether it is essential customer records, employee information, medical and legal documents or tax records, Master Vault ensures the safety and security of your business’s confidential data.

While our space costs less, we don’t cut corners when it comes to our solutions.  In addition, Master Vault guarantees compliance that exceeds regulatory requirements. Achieve increased litigation preparedness, more on-site storage area and free-up your staff from having to deal with record management, resulting in more secure and efficient business practices.

Master Vault is a woman owned company that was founded to provide business and government with the highest possible level of information security with the best service among our competitors.

Choose Master Vault when your business requires:

  • Convenient, user-friendly web portal to access and manage your records.
  • Document, file or carton-level business records indexing or retrieval.
  • Expedited retrieval of records.
  • Record scan to transfer information to an electronic format.
  • Top-notch security and safety of all documents.