Master Vault facilities are designed for the storage of paper-based records and electronic media and are built for ultimate safety and security. Each includes shelving systems specifically designed for boxed storage, media storage, as well as open-shelf filing systems for medical records and other specialized documents.

The facilities are of jointed masonry and concrete tilt-up construction designed for controlled temperature and humidity. Low level ridge vented design to withstand high wind velocity storm activity.


Company owned buildings are centrally located in Lexington, County of 14,000 sq. ft with adjoining 3 acres below ground level, for customer demand and growth.

Document Storage Safety and Security

More than a building for storing documents and media, Master Vault provides a safe and secure environment for protecting your valuable records or electronic content. All cartons are placed on steel shelving that is bolted to the concrete floor and engineered to withstand generally accepted seismic activity.

Central Station Security Monitoring Biometric Access Only

All access points to our facilities are alarmed and monitored inhouse with biometric access only, in addition to a third party Security Company 24/7 monitoring. Infrared detectors are placed throughout both buildings to prevent unauthorized intrusion with 24hr. central station monitoring.

Self standing alarmed controlled sump pump with free standing water reservoir for timely disaster access.


Key Card Access

Our facilities are gated and require keycard access, only authorized personnel are permitted entry to the records storage center. Bio-script robotic security profile readers and fingerprint authorization with man trap control exits.

FiresuppressionAdvanced Fire Suppression Systems

Your records are protected from fire damage through a specially designed, automated fire suppression system that meets NFPA standards. Self standing alarmed controlled sump pump with free standing water reservoir for timely disaster access. Fire retardant mechanisms are in place according to the
stringent requirements of the State Fire Codes, and the facilities are monitored 24 hrs a day with a quarterly maintenance schedule.

KeypadGateentrySecure Loading & Unloading

To protect the confidentiality of your records. Facility is gated with access control admittance only.

Confidentiality and Privacy

All Master Vault personnel are required to sign confidentiality agreements as a condition of their employment. Only Master Vault Information Management bonded personnel are allowed to access your records upon your request for service with tier level security clearance authorization. Forced Authorization allows only your personnel whom you have authorized in writing to request service.

DellInfrastructure Integrity

Master Vault utilizes enterprise-class infrastructure technology and hardware to assure the integrity of our systems. We use Dell Power Edge Servers, Sonic wall 3060 firewalls and a Microsoft SQL Server database platform. For business continuity, we employ extensive data backup measures to protect and preserve our systems and customer inventory databases. . These include a fiber optic metro net high speed Internet connection with automatic switchover in the event of a failure. Our disk array is a RAID level 5 which assures that data is always protected even in the event of a disk failure prior to backup.

The Recall Software program, a leader worldwide in the record storage industry, tracks all movement of your carton from warehouse to your facility with a signed work order for receipt of cartons. Recall Software is a powerful & sophisticated tool to keep detailed records of all activity. Vehicles are tracked 24/7 with real-time with GPS and Eagle Eye surveillance, ensuring a recorded chain of custody.