Preserve Film and Sound Archives to Meet Unique Requirements

From television production companies to movie studios and record labels, Master Vault offers unique media preservation solutions to store and safeguard all media assets. The needs for film and sound archiving goes beyond typical, cookie-cutter document storage, which is why Master Vault works closely with businesses to deliver the customized solutions necessary to ensure assets are organized, protected and easily accessed.

Technology in the media world is constantly changing, and Master Vault is prepared for these changes, as our team members focus on staying up-do-date on the latest technology and archiving solutions. Whether the need is for basic media storage or a comprehensive media management system, Master Vault is able to provide expert solutions to make your job easier.

How Master Vault Can Help

Let us serve as your manager for all media assets with comprehensive archiving solutions, freeing up your time to handle other essential business tasks. Compliance with local, state, federal and industry-specific regulations as well as efficient business continuity plans require media that is safe, secure and easily accessible. You can trust Master Vault will take great care in preserving all files in an organized, secure system that provides easy access when you need them.

The Master Vault team of document storage experts is trained to meet the unique needs of film and sound archives. We offer peace of mind to our media clients, providing:

  • Climate-controlled storage to preserve and protect all film and sound media.
  • Film and sound archives including digital and analog media.
  • State-of-the-art conversion from analog to digital media.
  • A full-range of storage facility options including secure above-ground and underground locations.
  • Strict adherence to archival standards to ensure film and sound media are safe, secure and fully-compliant. 
  • Expert Master Vault team members committed to around-the-clock protection of media assets.