ShredWithUs-web-smallShred With Us – Columbia, SC’s leading secure onsite document shredding services company enables you, our client, the ability to work without the stress of potential liability through identity theft of your clients.

Onsite document destruction is a fast and convenient. When you are just wanting to make sure that your files are destroyed in a quick and compliant manner, on-site is the perfect solution. Learn More now

Shred W Us TruckOffsite document destruction is the perfect solution when you have a large quantity of files or you just prefer to have someone pick your files up and have them destroyed in a safe and compliant facility. Learn More now

Compliant document shredding is more than just the destruction of documents. There are a multitude of laws that protect the private information of your contacts. Ignore these laws and your business will be in danger of facing sever penalties. Learn More now.

Electronic media destruction is imperative in today’s culture. Businesses used to maintain all records on paper and today, things have changed. Almost everything is electronic which means that this service is much needed. If you think that just be pressing the delete key on your computer, your information is safe, then think again.

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