Get Your Stored Files Digitally

There are times when you need access to your documents or file information right away. Even if this information is stored in the Master Vault facility in Columbia, SC, we can get it to you quickly using our scan on demand service.

If you require one of your files, you can make the request to have the file delivered via our scan on demand service. This can also be useful for organizations with more than one location, that have more than one employee who needs to view the same information or for files that will most likely be requested multiple times.

Using the scan on demand service may be a cost-effective option for your organization. Using this effective alternative to physical file delivery you can build an electronic document inventory over time for only those files that are most active.

As an additional benefit, you are only charged per transaction for the scanning of individual files and do not pay for scanning large quantities of records at one time.

Scan On Demand service provides you with document scanning with web-based delivery as an alternative to physical document delivery. Scanning creates a legally acceptable archive for digital images of your active or inactive hard copy records and provides a easy access and improved sharing of your records from anywhere.

If you are interested in talking more about our scan on demand service, please contact us.