Government Documents Stored and Managed Securely

Government agencies have many documents that must be kept safe and secure at all times. The problem is when those documents become too much to handle on-site. A secure solution is needed then. Master Vault is that solution and we can provide your government agency with the safe and secure off-site storage of all your government documents.

Not only is it important to store and manage all your government documents in a cost effective manner, but it is also vital that all possible safeguards are considered. Master Vault always maintains the highest level of security keeping the sensitive information contained in your government documents secure.

Security and Compliance at all Levels

Master Vault has government document storage solutions for all levels of South Carolina government. We work with all levels including city, parish, and state government and always maintain the highest standards of security while ensuring complete compliance. As each level of government will have its own compliance requirements, we work hard to ensure we are always on top of any new rules and regulations that are put in effect.

Advantages of Master Vault

When your government agency works with Master Vault, you can enjoy:

  • Freed up space in your office or existing storage space.
  • Total compliance at all times.
  • Secure storage that is safeguarded from others at all times.
  • Fast access to any documents that might be needed.
  • Document imaging, active file management, and digital archiving available if desired or needed.

What Master Vault Stores

Master Vault can store almost any piece of vital information your government agency has. We store such documents and items as general records, ledgers, deed books, traffic ticket, voter records, administrative records, personnel records, microfilm, microfiche and more. Everything we store is coded and tracked so your government data is never out of reach.

All government documents that are stored with Master Vault are stored in a climate controlled environment. That means there is no chance of your government documents and records being ruined due to adverse weather conditions.

Total Management of Documents and Records

Master Vault can serve as your off-site records management system. If you need access to your files or just need them to be re-filed in a specific way, we can assist you. With Master Vault, all your government documents are always kept organized as well as secure.

With You Until the End

Should there come a time when your government documents are no longer needed, we can help you ensure that they get destroyed in the proper manner. Shredding and destroying any government document must be done in the proper manner and we can make certain that this takes place for your government agency.

Service You Can Trust

Master Vault is your solution for secure and compliant government document storage. No matter what level of government you represent, we can work with you to ensure storage service that is efficient and reliable at the same time.