Record Storage for More Space and Total Protection

Over time many businesses accumulate a large number of records that may need to be kept for a certain length of time. Depending on the type of business you are in, you may be required to keep your records for a couple of years and you may even have to retain certain records indefinitely. Failure to retain such records can lead to disastrous results for your business. Master Vault offers virtually all businesses in the state of South Carolina an efficient and compliant way to store records offsite.

Advantages of Offsite Record Storage

Using Master Vault, located in Columbia, SC, to store all of your business records comes with many advantages including:

  • Space: Increase the space at your office or place of business with Master Vault offsite storage. Once your records are moved and stored with Master Vault, the result will be a large increase in workable space which can then be used to help you further your business.
  • Convenience: Master Vault can store any number of records for multiple businesses. From a few boxes of records to an entire room full, Master Vault offers solutions for all.
  • Safety: Keep all your important and vital records safe with offsite storage from Mater Vault. Master Vault keeps all records stored in a climate controlled environment making certain the records are kept safe from unwanted eyes and from the elements as well.
  • Compliance: Master Vault is familiar with all state and Federal laws and regulations and makes it a top priority to stay up to date with all the changes that take place with such laws and regulations. This ensures your records will always be kept in a manner that keeps your business in full compliance.

Record Storage You Control

Master Vault carefully tracks all records stored. Therefore, your records are never out of reach. You can have access to them, whenever you need them and we will even work with you to ensure we are filing them in a manner suitable to your business’ particular set of circumstances.

Compliance and Safety Unmatched by Self Storage

Self storage of your business records is always an option. However, besides taking up valuable working space at your place of business, self storage of your records can be unsafe. Because of the sensitive nature of the records you will be required to keep, you need to be certain the information contained within is always protected. When you use Master Vault to help you with your records storage you can rest easy knowing all precautions are taken to guarantee your records remain safely stored in full compliance at all times.