Digital Archiving: Stay Organized and Complaint

Communication and information transmission in today’s business world is vastly different from just a few years ago. Now there is an increase in digital forms of communication and information transmission such as e-mails, instant messages, data files and the like and many of these digital files require top levels of security. Master Vault works with South Carolina businesses to offer a solution for this ongoing need in the form of digital archiving.

Master Vault works to help you determine what you need to have access to at all times and what you can safely stow in the archives, all without giving up access to anything. Now it is possible to archive all your digital files in a way that won’t break your budget or risk taking you out of compliance.

Increased Ease Means Increased Risk

While e-mails, instant messages, digital files and more all represent an easier way for your business to communicate and send information, they also represent an increase in the risk your business faces. Many electronic files contain sensitive information, just as paper files would, and therefore need to be protected and archived according to all the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

Master vault knows all the state and Federal laws and can safely keep your business in full compliance with digital archiving. This means you can maintain and organize the multitude of messages and files that may have been floating around on various systems and consolidate them in one location, all while staying in full compliance with the law.

Digital Archiving Advantages

Using digital archiving for your business gives you advantages that include:

  • Organization of all digital communication according to level of use.
  • Full compliance of all state and Federal laws and regulations.
  • Easy access to all files and images within the archives.
  • Reduced risk of losing sensitive or vital information contained in digital communications or files.

Digital Archiving – File What You Don’t Use

Master Vault begins the process of digital archiving by evaluating what you use and what you don’t use. We carefully look at all your digital files and show you what you are accessing the least. These digital files are ones that can be archived immediately, though you will never lose the ability to quickly access them later should the need arise.

Master Vault works with you continuously to determine which digital files coming in should be archived and which ones should wait. This ongoing reevaluation of your business’ needs ensures that your digital archiving needs are always being met in a way that works for your business.